DOMINIQUE KIPPELEN, Breathing with Nature

Dominique Kippelen, contemporary artist

Opsættes uge 26 på Samsø. Værket bliver stående til 3. september

Stedet er endnu ikke beslutteto

Om værket

A few elements about the art piece: A contextual art piece created for the site of the island of Samsø. An artistic minimalist art work in the landscape.

The artist wishes the wanderers to immerse in the matters they encounter (stone, soil, sand, wood, water). The new proposition for the island of Samsø focuses on two fundamental shapes: a branchless tree trunk, as vertical as an arrow stuck in the ground accompanied by a flat piece, lying horizontal, shining like a mirror.

Pulling out a tree trunk from an old orchard in the mountains close to the Alsatian «Petit Ballon» (one of the artist’s favourite forests) to plant it on the island of Samsø is far from insignificant. As a child, Dominique Kippelen had the powerful and persistent feeling that she was born elsewhere, the  conviction that she had come from the North, born from Viking ancestors. That feeling of lacking and missing made her want to travel, to discover other worlds.

At the foot of the ancient tree, a polished piece of aluminium captures like a water pool, the natural elements of the site, the salty air (to be tasted on lips), the wind (that caresses and pushes), the humidity (that puts humans in their place), the sky, the infinity and the movement of clouds (that fly).


Ved værket

Dominique vil, når værket er sat op, tegne med publikum. Hun medbringer materialer, så det vil være muligt at tegne små kompositioner over landskabet under hendes ledelse. Man kan også medbringe sit eget materiale, hvis man ønsker det. Det er ikke en egentlig workshop, men en måde kunstneren vil interagere med publikum på.